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Workshop on Team Building and Team Skills

A workshop titled “Team Building and Team Skills” was conducted by Dr Rajwinder Kaur, for the MBA students on 30th June, 2023. The workshop had the following objectives:

  • To emphasize the importance of teamwork and its impact on organizational success.
  • To provide practical knowledge and tools to build effective teams.
  • To enhance the students skills in communication, problem-solving, decision-making, and conflict resolution.
  • To facilitate experiential learning through team-based activities.

She talked about 

  • The Importance of Team Building: Dr. Kaur emphasized the significance of teamwork in achieving organizational goals. She explained how effective team building fosters trust, collaboration, and synergy among team members. The discussion highlighted the benefits of diverse perspectives, shared goals, and effective communication within teams.
  • Team Building Activities: To encourage experiential learning, the workshop included several team-building activities. The participants engaged in activities such as Tower of Power and a Group Decision-making exercise. These activities aimed to develop trust, enhance communication, improve problem-solving skills, and strengthen teamwork within the MBA batch.
  • Human Knot: This activity required participants to form a circle, hold hands,and create a tangled knot. The objective was to work together to untangle the knot without letting go of each other’s hands. The activity promoted teamwork, communication, and coordination.
  • Tower of Power: In this activity, participants were divided into small teams and given a set of materials to construct the tallest tower possible within a given time frame. The activity focused on fostering collaboration, planning, resource management, and effective decision-making within teams.
  • Decision Making Group Activity: This exercise involved presenting a complex scenario to the participants, who then had to work together as a team to analyse the situation, identify potential solutions, and make a collective decision. The activity emphasized critical thinking, problem-solving, and consensus-building skills.
  • Skills Development: Throughout the workshop, Dr. Kaur provide guidance on developing essential team skills. She discussed effective communication techniques, active listening, conflict resolution strategies, and the importance of shared leadership within teams. The participants were encouraged to reflect on their experiences during the team-building activities and identify areas for improvement in their teamwork skills.

The session provided MBA students with practical insights, tools, and experiential learning opportunities to strengthen their team-building skills. 

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