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Alumni Committee

The Alumni Committee at SIBM Noida takes immense pride in fostering lifelong connections and nurturing a strong bond between the esteemed alumni and the institute. This committee serves as a bridge between the alumni and the current student community, ensuring a seamless exchange of knowledge, experiences, and opportunities. They organize various networking events, workshops, and mentoring sessions that enable our alumni to actively contribute to the growth and development of our students. Through these interactions, the aim is to facilitate career guidance, industry insights, and valuable connections that pave the way for professional success.


  • Responsible for maintaining connections with SIBM Noida alumni
  • Organizes alumni events and networking sessions
  • Aims to foster a strong alumni network for mutual growth and support


 Kuhu Upadhya


  1. Nimesh Pandey
  2. Sarvesh Tripathi
  3. Vasu Narang