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Scopus Indexed Manuscripts in Journals

  1. Seth, N., & Singh, D. (2023). Returns and Asymmetric Volatility Interdependencies between Sustainable and Conventional Stock Indices: Evidence from Developed and Emerging Countries. Vision, 0(0). 
  2. Singhal V., Singh A.B., Ahuja V., Gera R., (2023), ‘Consumer Segmentation in the Fashion Industry Using Social Media: An Empirical Analysis’, Journal of Information & Organizational Sciences, 47(2), pp. 399-419.
  3. Seth N., Siddiqui S., Asif P.C. M., Agnihotri A., Gupta M., (2023), Energizing Tomorrow: Analyzing the Transformative Potential of Electric Vehicle Adoption, EAI Endorsed Transactions on Energy Web, 10(1).
  4. Verma, S., Kaur, R., & Bhasin, N. K. (2024). Does Employer Branding Shake Application Intentions of Potential Employees? Global Business Review, 0(0). 
  5. Kaur, R., Pingle, S. and Jaiswal, A.K. (2024), “Effect of organisational culture on employer branding and resultant employee brand equity in the private banking sector”, International Journal of Bank Marketing, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print.

Papers published in Scopus Indexed Conference Proceeds

  1. Tabeck, P.S., Ahuja, V. (2023), ‘Leveraging Technological Innovation and Retail Businesses During Pandemic Times’, proceeds of the International Conference on Electronic Business (ICEB), 23, pp. 428-435
  2. Ahuja, V. Tabeck, P.S., Arora, P. (2023), ‘Influence of Social Media Platforms on Consumer’s Attitudes for Selecting Travel Destinations’, proceeds of the International Conference on Electronic Business (ICEB), 23, pp. 343-353

Book Chapters Published (Scopus Indexed)

  1. Ahuja, V. and Tabeck, P.S., (2023), ‘Role of Social Media to Enhance Brand Engagement and Brand Perception in Textile, Apparel and Fashion Industry, Social Media and Online Consumer Decision Making in the Fashion Industry’, IGI Global.

Papers presented in Conferences

  1. Jain, K. and Seth, N., (2023), ‘A Bibliometric Analysis of Climate Change in Financial Market’, International Finance and Accounting Conference, IIM Jammu, 8-9 September 2023.
  2. Kumar, Y. and Seth, N., (2023), ‘An Overview of The Investor Sentiment and Stock Prices: A Bibliometric Analysis of The Scopus Database’, International Finance and Accounting Conference, IIM Jammu, 8-9 September 2023. 
  3. Arora, P., Singh, A.B., Ahuja, V. and Dwivedi, R., (2023), ‘Influence of Social Networking Sites on Consumer Engagement: A Comparative Study on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video’, 3rd Pritam Singh Memorial Conference, BIMTECH, 17-19 November 2023. 
  4. Kaur, R. and Lal, B., (2023), ‘Unraveling the mediating role of Employee engagement between the relationship of HR Practices for firm performance in Human Resource’, Design Thinking and Innovation for Sustainable Management Practices and Solutions, SOIL, 8-9 December 2023. 
  5. Ahuja, V. and Arora, P. (2024), ‘Pixels and Perspectives: Decoding Gender Dynamics in the Enhancement of Consumer Engagement through Website Attributes’, New Paradigm of Business Management in the Era of Analytics, Sustainability and Innovations’, Amity Business School, Noida, 7-8 February 2024.
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