SIBM Noida

Institute Research Committee (IRC)

The Institute Research Committee (IRC) of SIBM NOIDA includes members from Academia and Industry and hopes to build a culture of Research Excellence at SIBM, Noida. Primary Role The primary role of the IRC is to advise and support all research activities within SIBM NOIDA, including student and faculty research publications, research projects, and conferences. Functions The IRC shall have the following functions:
  1. to provide guidance to students and faculty members on their field studies/ research projects/ research publications/dissertations submitted by the degree students and faculty members;
  2. To advise/ forward research projects/ dissertations that may require approval of Institutional Ethics Committee of Symbiosis International (Deemed University);
  3. to foster and facilitate interdisciplinary and translational research at individual Institute including designing FDPs, exploring consultancy opportunities, obtaining extra mural grants, networking and collaborations and organizing research related conferences;
  4. to promote good academic research practices; and
  5. to encourage optimum utilization of resources and resource sharing for research.
The constitution of the IRC at SIBM – Noida is as follows-
  1. Dr. Vandana Ahuja, Professor & Director- Chairperson
  2. Dr. Neha Seth, Associate Professor – Member
  3. Dr. Neerja Pande, Dean-IIM, Lucknow, Noida Campus – Member
  4. Dr. Jayanthi Ranjan, Dean, School of Business Studies,Sharda University – Member
  5. Dr. Kokil Jain, Dean-Research and Professor, Fortune Institute of International Business – Member
  6. Mr. A. V. Surya, CEO and Co-Founder, Convergent – Member
  7. Dr. Pooja Sehgal Tabeck, Assistant Professor – Member Secretary
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