Research and Scholastic Committee


Encourage and foster a culture of research

Research and Scholastic Committee

The Research and Scholastic Committee at SIBM Noida is a team of dedicated members committed to promoting a culture of intellectual curiosity and academic excellence. This committee facilitates and encourages research initiatives among students and faculty members, fostering a stimulating environment for knowledge creation and dissemination.

They aim to organize seminars, conferences, and workshops that provide a platform for intellectual discussions and the exchange of ideas. The aim is to nurture a research-driven mindset and equip the students with the necessary skills to contribute meaningfully to their respective fields.


  • Encourages research and scholarly pursuits among students
  • Organizes workshops, seminars, and conferences
  • Supports students in publishing research papers and participating in research projects


 Nitya Tiwari


  1. Ravindra Manahar
  2. Charugundla Nanda Kartheek