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Research Workshop

Upcoming 03 Days Research workshop for Academic Year 2023-24 (April 2024)

Management Research Methods

Objectives of the workshop are as follows:
  • To equip the participants with a comprehensive understanding of management research methods and approaches.
  • To promote critical thinking about research design and techniques.

Workshop on ‘Empowering Research with AI’

Friday, February 16, 2024



Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Dr. Ramakrishnan Raman Sir addressed all the faculty members on ‘Empowering Research with AI’. The session benefitted all faculty members from SIBM, SCMS, and SLS, Noida Campus. The future of research has intersected with the innovative world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), marking a significant turning point in academic exploration.


The session aimed to explore the transformative potential of AI in shaping the landscape of academic research. The discussion delved into the various possibilities AI offers to augment research endeavours and explored its vast array of technologies. Additionally, the session examined the ethical considerations inherent in applying AI to academic research.


AI tools can significantly improve different aspects of the research process.

  • The Future of Research meets the Innovative World of AI: AI offers unprecedented opportunities to enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and scope of research endeavours, heralding a new era of discovery.
  • From Data Analysis to Pattern Recognition: AI can revolutionise every aspect of academic research, from hypothesis generation and experimental design to data analysis and interpretation.
  • Introducing the Vast Array of AI Technologies: These tools provide researchers with powerful instruments to extract insights from data, optimise experimental processes, and accelerate the pace of discovery.
  • Diving Deep into Ethical Applications of AI in Research: The ethical implications of AI in research, addressing concerns such as data privacy, algorithmic bias, and the responsible use of AI-driven decision-making systems.
  • A Step Towards Future of Ethical Technology in Academia: The workshop underscored the importance of fostering a culture of responsible AI usage within academic communities, emphasising transparency, fairness, and accountability in research practices.

“Publishing Papers in High-Quality Journals”

8 December,2023

The seminar on “Publishing Papers in High-Quality Journals”, organized by SIBM, Noida, aimed to provide faculty members with knowledge and guidance on the techniques and intricacies of publishing research papers in prestigious academic journals. The aim was to clarify the process, difficulties, and optimal methods for improving the publication output of participants.

The research seminar was conducted by the following faculty members:

1. Dr. Yogesh Dwivedi, Professor of Digital Marketing and Innovation, Founding Director of the Emerging Markets Research Centre (EMaRC), Co-Director of Research at the School of Management, Swansea University, Wales, UK, and Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Information Management.

2. Dr. Steven Carnovale, Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management at the College of Business at Florida Atlantic University, and Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management.

In addition to the organizing team from SIBM, Noida, and the teaching members from the host institutions, the seminar was also attended by faculty members from SCMS, Noida, and SLS, Noida. The session on “Publishing Papers in High-Quality Journals” was highly informative and beneficial, offering faculty members a clear guide to effectively navigate the intricacies of academic publishing.

Workshop on ‘Empowering Research with AI’
Publishing Papers in High-Quality Journals - Speakers
Group photo of event attendees
Speaker giving speech on ‘Empowering Research with AI’
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