Sports, Social and, Co-curricular Committee


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Sports, Social and, Co-curricular Committee

The Sports, Social, and Co-Curricular Committee at SIBM Noida is a dynamic group of individuals dedicated to fostering a vibrant and inclusive campus life. The team’s primary focus is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle through various sports activities, encouraging students to unleash their athletic potential. Additionally, to organize engaging social events and co-curricular activities that enhance students’ overall development and create a sense of community within the institute. With a passion for organizing memorable experiences, this team strive to provide a well-rounded and enriching student life at SIBM Noida.


  • To encourage and facilitate sports activities within the college
  • To create a vibrant and inclusive social environment and to organise cultural festivals, talent shows and student gatherings.
  • To organise workshops/seminars on relevant topics and to provide platform for student clubs and organisations




  1. Aman Gupta
  2. Siddhant
  3. Aditi Nigam
  4. Jerry Simon
  5. Tanujpreet Singh
  6. Tushar Arora
  7. Gaurav Malik

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