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The workshop was conducted on 05/03/2024 and had the following objectives –

Providing insights into the expectations and demands of real-world corporate environments.
 Equipping students with practical skills and strategies to maximize their learning and contribution during
the internship.
 Encouraging students to reflect on their career goals and understand how the internship experience can
contribute to their professional development.
 Empowering students to set meaningful goals for their internships and develop action plans to achieve them.
 Inspiring students to approach their internships with curiosity, adaptability, and a growth mindset,
maximizing the value they gain from the experience.


  1. Dr.Vandana Ahuja, Director, SIBM – Noida
  2. Mr. Priyaranjan Kumar, Founder, Ground Up Consulting
  3. Mr. Satvik Sachar, Chief of Staff, KNR Management Consultants
  4. Dr. Neha Zaidi, Assistant Professor, SIBM – Noida


  1. Enhanced Understanding of Industry Expectations: Students gain insights into the expectations and requirements of the industry, helping them align their skills and goals accordingly.
  2. Greater Confidence and Preparedness: Through interaction with industry professionals and internal faculty, students develop confidence in their abilities and feel more prepared to tackle the challenges of their internships.
  3. Clear Career Goals and Objectives: Students gain clarity on their career aspirations and how the internship experience fits into their long-term career plans.
  4. Increased Awareness of Industry Trends and Practices: Through discussions with industry experts, students stay updated on current trends, practices, and innovations in their respective fields.
  5. Opportunities for Self-Reflection and Growth: The workshop encourages students to reflect on their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement, fostering personal and professional growth.
  6. Maximized Learning Experience during Internships: Armed with valuable insights and skills gained from the workshop, students can make the most of their internship experiences, maximizing their learning and contribution to the organization.
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