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Workshop on Design Thinking

The workshop on Design thinking was conducted by Mr. Sumeet Soni, CEO, Blue Ocean Consulting on 4/7/2023. Mr. Sumeet Soni began the workshop by providing an overview of design thinking, explaining its definition and key principles. He emphasized the human-centered approach of design thinking, focusing on understanding the needs and perspectives of end-users. He delved into the history of design thinking and its evolution as a problem-solving methodology.

Mr. Soni highlighted the importance of design thinking in fostering innovation, enhancing customer experiences, and driving business success. The workshop introduced the students to the design thinking process, which typically consists of five stages: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test. Mr. Soni elaborated on each stage, providing insights into the activities, tools, and techniques employed during the process.

The workshop incorporated real-world examples to illustrate the practical application of design thinking. Mr. Soni shared case studies highlighting successful implementations of design thinking in various industries, showcasing its impact on problem-solving and innovation. To provide hands-on experience, an experiential exercise was conducted where students were divided into groups. Each group was given a problem statement and tasked with applying Design Thinking principles to generate innovative solutions. The students engaged in empathizing with end-users, defining the problem, ideating potential solutions, creating prototypes, and testing their ideas. The workshop provided the students with a solid foundation in design thinking principles and methodologies.

The real-world examples presented by Mr. Soni showcased the potential of design thinking in addressing complex challenges and generating innovative solutions. The skills and insights gained from this workshop will enable the MBA students to approach problem-solving and innovation with a human-centred mind set, fostering creativity and driving positive change in their future endeavors.

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