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A Quantcamp encompassing basic Statistical skills was conducted by Dr. Neha Seth, faculty, SIBM, during Excelsior 2023, the 10 day Induction Programme for MBA 2023-25

The objective of QuantCamp was to improve the students mathematical and analytical abilities so they could succeed in the demanding academic requirements of the MBA programme. The purpose of the session was to give students a solid understanding of quantitative methods and statistical analysis, to foster their ability to think critically and solve problems and to become acquainted with the analytical methods and tools that are frequently employed in the business and finance domains.

Interactive sessions and practical exercises were included in the QuantCamp. The students were given an introduction to quantitative approaches and statistical ideas as well as a demonstration of how data may be transformed into information using simple programmes like Excel.

The students gained a better comprehension of quantitative methods and statistical concepts, thoughts about the use of analytical tools for data analysis, and the ability to apply quantitative methods to actual business situations with confidence.

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