SIBM Noida

's Patriotic Fervor Lights Up the Campus

Independence Day – SIBM Noida’s Patriotic Fervor

Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Noida (SIBM-Noida), celebrated India’s 75th Independence Day with unparalleled zeal and fervor. The campus was adorned with the tricolor, echoing the spirit of freedom and unity. The celebration, held on the 15th of August, was a vibrant testament to the patriotism and cultural diversity that defines the SIBM-Noida community.

As the echoes of patriotic songs lingered in the air and the tricolor continued to wave proudly, the SIBM-Noida community stood united in its commitment to contribute positively to the growth and prosperity of the nation. The celebration not only marked the 75th year of India’s independence but also reinforced the values of freedom, unity, and progress that will guide the future leaders emerging from the hallowed halls of SIBM-Noida.

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