Mr. A V Surya

Mr. AV Surya

CEO and Co-founder, Convergent,
addressed the students of SIBM, Noida.

He talked about The Role of Data and Technology in Public Policy Making. He highlighted the increasing importance of data and technology in shaping public policies. He explained how data analytics is used to identify trends, patterns, and insights for evidence-based decision-making. He discussed the latest trends in data analytics and emphasized the need for students to stay updated with emerging technologies in this field.

He encouraged the students to explore the potential of AI and machine learning, emphasizing their relevance in the current business landscape. Mr. Surya expressed his enthusiasm for the students’ learning journey, as they are at the forefront of AI advancements. He encouraged them to embrace the learning opportunities presented by AI and data analytics, as these skills are highly sought-after in the corporate world. He stressed the significance of hard work, determination, and perseverance in achieving success. He shared personal anecdotes and highlighted the correlation between hard work and career growth. Mr. Surya provided insights into the recruitment process at Convergent, giving students a glimpse of the expectations and requirements of potential employers. He discussed the significance of showcasing practical skills and demonstrated the importance of a strong work ethic.

Mr. A V Surya

Mr. Surya emphasized the value of dashboards as tools for visualizing and analyzing data in a business context. He explained how dashboards can provide a comprehensive overview of key performance indicators and aid in decision-making processes. He stressed the importance of effective communication skills in the corporate world. He provided valuable tips on improving communication, highlighting the impact of clear and concise message. The speaker discussed the concept of empathetic leadership, emphasizing the importance of understanding and valuing the perspectives of team members.

He shared examples of successful empathetic leaders and their positive impact on organizational culture and employee satisfaction. He also highlighted the relevance of data analysis tools such as R and Python in today’s business environment. He encouraged the students to familiarize themselves with these tools, as they are widely used in data-driven decision-making processes.